At 406lbs, managing a marathon was not attainable for Tony Reyes – until he decided that more than enough was plenty of. He was sick of living a existence comprehensive of constraints, so he worked relentlessly to drop 165lbs, and from there, the choices became unlimited. Tony decided to start off tackling the targets he wrote down on his “extremely hard checklist” – one particular of them being to operate that marathon.

“The world tells you that you simply cannot do items when your 406lbs, and I hated residing with these constraints, so I missing weight, and I dug deep. I’m acquiring to force harder than I’ve ever had to before.”

In this documentary, Tony can take us by means of the exceptionally true and uncooked journey of living a everyday living of weight problems to finishing “the extremely hard” – managing a marathon. at?v=JmvWIsJfwGE


“Cease telling oneself you can not do it. This is your everyday living. No make a difference how far down and deep you are and darkish it is – you can change your life around.

This is my daily life, and I am battling for it each day.”