Best Workout Music Mix 🔥 Female Fitness Motivation 🔥 Best EDM, Bass, Trap, Electro  Remix 2021

– Best Workout Music Mix 2021 🔥 Gym Motivation Music 2021 🔥 EDM And Future Bass Remix 2021 🔥 Rap And Future Bass Remix 2021 🔥 Gym Motivation Music 2021🔥 Female Fitness Motivation 🔥

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30 thoughts on “Best Workout Music Mix 🔥 Female Fitness Motivation 🔥 Best EDM, Bass, Trap, Electro Remix 2021”
  1. MAD props to those chicks that can build a lean , fit n toned upper body, while keeping those hip n booty curves.. very difficult combo to hold down lol… just one muscle group that detracts from the beauty in my opinion is the Traps.. Jacked up trap & neck muscles on a female frame just throws off the curvy beauty to me.
    tip to suggest – That trapezius muscle is quite strong and builds rather easily – and it assists any arm movement that goes above the clavicles. so really learing how to contract the target delt heads instead, takes slow, & deliberate movements, with light to mod weights. I always remind my PT clients that building the body is MENTAL not just physical. develop a "mind+muscle connection" thru mental concentration on the target group- and trial & error with diff techiniques, sets, reps, speeds, ect until you find what type of muscle stimulation your body responds to. In other words, crack your musculo-skeletal genetic make-up code and you will see gainzzz!

  2. These girls are so hot!!! I started going to the gym, talk with them and exchange numbers. And I'm Asian 5 foot 7. Although I've dated with both white and asian girls who are taller than me!

  3. That girl at the beginning spends way too much time in this garage. All women are very sexy but not her she just reminds me a hulk.

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