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Athlean x resistance bands image

There’s no at-home fitness gear quite like resistance bands.

They’re small enough to tuck away in a drawer, have customizable levels of resistance, and make muscle growth a reality….even when your gym is closed, or you’re short on time.

So what about the Athlean-X Elast-X resistance bands? Are these resistance bands the real deal, or do they regularly go out of stock because they’re simply attached to the brand?

Well, keep reading to find out!

About the Manufacturer – Athlean-X

The brain behind Athlean-X is a guy you may have heard of, especially if you explore YouTube videos for nutrition and exercise tips: He’s Jeff Cavaliere.

Jeff Cavaliere is a fitness guru that continues to make waves in the fitness community.

He’s a former trainer for the Mets (back when they were leaders in the league) and has personally trained baseball elites like David Wright and Carlos Beltran.

And by looking at him, it’s also clear that the guy hits the gym….and hard.

On top of a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and a CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (AKA: the NSCA), his goal is to bring science back to exercise.

This guy is about using biomechanics for optimal results and preventing injury while training.

Athlean-X pushes out dozens of workout programs for guys looking to get jacked or shredded. They also sell gear like resistance bands, which is why you’re here.

What are Athlean-X Elast-X Resistance Bands?

The Athlean-X Elast-X resistance bands hold a lot of promise—partially because Athlean-X is behind them and partly because they’ve been on the market for over a decade.

Based on what we know about these resistance bands, here’s what you should expect:

  • A long-term at-home fitness solution thanks to the durable material
  • Constant strength progress due to three available sizes and resistance customization
  • More substantial muscle growth as a result of enhanced strength curves
  • A piece of gear that you can use anywhere (living room, hotel, park, and more!)

While these benefits sound great, they’re also not unique….these are the standard perks and features of any resistance band you’ll find on the market.

Elast-X Details & Features

Elasti x details and features image

Before you invest in the Athlean-X Elast-X resistance bands to support your AX-1 program, you want to find out what they have to offer and whether they’d be a good fit in your workout routine.

The bands are slightly different from those you’ve seen in your travels—they’re a continuous loop instead of a single piece of rubber with handles on each end.

So here’s what you need to know about them.

X-Treme Band (45-90lbs of Resistance)

Of the three bands from Athlean-X, the most extreme band is, well, called the “X-Treme band.” What makes this thick red band “extreme” is that it supports up to 90 pounds of resistance.

Now, that sounds pretty weak considering you load up three times that resistance on the barbell when you’re squatting at the gym.

It makes the most sense for intermediate exercises like squats and assisted pull-ups.

Classix “X” Band (5-40lbs of Resistance)

In terms of strength, the next band is the Classix “X” Band backed by up to 40 pounds of resistance. This thin black band is a better choice for lightweight exercises or minor muscles.

This resistance band thrives with exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and ab exercises. So if you’ve never stepped foot in the gym, this band is a great way to prepare.

What better way to work up to the X-Treme Band than with another Athlean-X band?

Hip Burner Band (5-10lbs of Resistance)

The Hip Burner Band supports a mere 10 pounds of resistance, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally out of the realm of being “useful” to you, a gym rat.

This band is for the lower-body muscle groups that you don’t usually work in the gym. We’re talking exercises that hit the adductors, abductors, and smaller glute muscles.

But it can also be used for lightweight biceps and triceps exercises on the go.

Beware: This type of band comes with the stigma that it’s meant for women looking to get a “toned” butt, so it might get you some strange looks if you bring it to the gym to train.

3 Benefits of Elast-X Resistance Bands

It’s Not Your Run of the Mill Resistance Band:

The crucial benefit of this resistance is they offer a range of 45 pounds on a single band.

So you don’t have to buy an entire set or combine bands to get your ideal resistance for squats or tricep exercises.

Plus, they’re made of genuine durable material designed to last and come from Athlean-X. Those two things have to count for something.

They’ve Got Time On Their Side

Just about any fitness gear manufacturer sells resistance bands, so they aren’t a new idea.

But these bands have been around since at least 2010. So they must be pretty good if they’re still around, right?

And they repeatedly go out of stock throughout the year because people seem to love ‘em, which probably wouldn’t be the case if they were unreliable or flimsy.

They Offer a Ton of Resistance (Not Literally)

When you buy the average resistance band set, you’re lucky if your bands support more than 45 pounds of resistance.

Surprisingly, these bands go up to 90 pounds of resistance.

That lessens your chances of maxing out on your bands, at least for minor muscle group exercises like front raises or kickbacks. So this can be a long-term solution for you.

2 Negatives of Athlean-X Elast-X Resistance Bands

There’s No Refund Policy

Manufacturers don’t have to offer you a refund.

But when you’re talking about a piece of gear that stereotypically snaps during normal use, it’s a bit concerning that Athlean-X doesn’t bite the bullet and offer one to its customers.

You get a single band for the average set price, and no guarantee that you’ll get a replacement or a refund if it breaks. So your investment is a bit risky.

They Don’t Come With Handles or Attachments

Handles and attachments on resistance bands get a bad reputation for two reasons:

Manufacturers cutting corners in the design process, and people using the equipment improperly (such as doing reps too quickly or using a band that doesn’t match the exercise).

Yet, when from a reputable brand and used correctly, attachments also give you more exercises to work with, like rows or chest presses, and are easier on the hands than a band might be.

Since modifying equipment to fit your needs is risky, you might want to get a set of bands that comes with a door attachment or handles instead. Just be sure they’re legit.

They’re Expensive Compared to Other Bands

While these bands do garner the Athlean-X brand name so you can almost bet that these are made from high-quality materials and will give you a great workout…

They’re pretty expensive compared to bands you might find on almost anywhere else.

For example, the X-Treme Band that provides 45-90 pounds of resistance is priced at $29.99, but an entire set of bands over at Amazon including a comparable band along with 4-5 other resistance levels can be found for around $39.99.

It seems that Jeff Cavaliere is definitely using the Athlean-X brand name to demand a higher price point for these bands, which on the surface, appear to be almost the same.

Wrapping Up This Athlean-X Elast-X Resistance Bands Review

Athlean-X Elast-X resistance bands may very well be the real deal.

They’re distributed by one of the biggest names in fitness, and they support up to 90 pounds of resistance for strength gains and long-term use/progress.

But there’s nothing that makes these bands stand out among the rest.

There’s no refund policy if your band happens to break, and since you’re only getting one band with your purchase, you don’t even have another band to use in the meantime.

And the lack of door attachments or handles might lessen the number of exercises you can do and muscles you can hit.

These bands are great for beginners and for a few exercises, but not if you plan to use them for your entire workout routine or if you’re highly experienced in training.

Rating: 7/10

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