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Athlean x wolverine review image

Frustration is committing 8-12 weeks to a “build mass fast” program … only to walk away with no noticeable gains, 2-3 months behind your goals, and a hunch you’ve been conned.

You’ll never let that happen again, right?

Now, with that fear still lingering, the thought of the Athlean-X Wolverine Beastmode Workout Program promising maximum growth in only 30 days might make you a bit skeptical.

And rightfully so.

But before you shun this program as “too good to be true” without giving ‘er a go, let’s quickly review what it’s all about.

Let Me Be Honest With You First…

What’s up? My name’s Kyle.

I’m the founder of Noob Gains (nice to meet you :))

I wanted to jump in here at the beginning to let you know that despite Wolverine: Beastmode being a good program (and it is)…

…I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner (or even an intermediate) that wants to gain more muscle with the least amount of effort.

Listen, if you want to build muscle that draws attention…

Without guessing what you need to eat or how you should train…

And without stepping foot in the gym more than 3 days per week…

You should try Superhero X12 by FitMole instead of Wolverine: Beastmode.

I’ll explain why:

First of all, Wolverine: Beastmode doesn’t have any nutrition advice whatsoever.

Most fitness experts will tell you that improving your physique is roughly 20% training and 80% nutrition.

But for some reason, Athlean-X didn’t think that having instructions on what to eat was very important for you to see results.

Yea, I don’t agree with that.

On the other hand, Superhero X12 comes with a detailed, 81-page Diet & Nutrition Guide that explains everything you need to know about “how” and “what” you should eat to build muscle.

Plus, it includes some SX12 exclusive strategies like Macro Flex Tracking and a “done-for-you” calorie calculator that you won’t find anywhere else.

Not to mention all the other things included like:

  • Main Workout Guide (57 Pages)
  • Nova and Titan Series Workouts (for Beginners and Intermediates)
  • Exercise Demo Vault with 75 HD Videos
  • Complete Sample Meal Plans
  • Access to the Exclusive SX12 Support Forum
  • And More!

Second, Wolverine: Beastmode makes you practically LIVE in the gym.

Do you like working out 6 days per week? No? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing if you sign up.

Personally, I’d rather hit my workouts hard, in fewer visits, and then spend more time kicking my feet up watching Netflix.

I guess that’s just me.

On the other hand, Superhero X12 gives you a complete blueprint to build muscle in just 3 workouts per week.

That’s right. If you can commit to 3 hours of training each week, you can transform your body.

And finally, Athlean-X doesn’t offer refunds on any of their workout programs.

Now, this may not be a problem. You might sign up and just love Wolverine: Beastmode.

But if you don’t… you’re stuck.

Instead, the Athlean-X guarantee is they promise to help you push through the obstacles in the program so it works better for you.

But still, you’re not getting your money back even if you go “Karen” on them.

Alternatively, Superhero X12 is an awesome program that’s helped guys of different ages, experience levels, and backgrounds build lasting muscle…

…but if for ANY REASON you don’t like it, Superhero X12 can be fully refunded.

No questions asked.

This is why I recommend Superhero X12 instead of Wolverine: Beastmode and you can see more details of this program in my full review here.

Superhero x12 mobile product image

To sum things up:

  • Get all the tools and materials you need to build muscle, shred body fat, and maintain a six pack all year long
  • Build muscle by working out only 3 days per week
  • And if you’re unhappy for any reason, you can get your money back within 30 days (a real guarantee)

But don’t take my word for it.

I’m just a random guy on the internet.

Click here to check out Superhero X12 for yourself.

Now, onto the review…

About the Creator – Athlean-X

Athlean-X is a massive fitness brand, a concept spearheaded by strength and conditioning guru Jeff Cavaliere.

The man behind Athlean-X’s dozens of muscle-building and fat shredding routines touts each of the following accomplishments:

  • Advanced degrees in physical therapy
  • A certified strength & condition specialist with the NSCA
  • A high-profile client base including professional athletes
  • Former strength coach and physical therapist for the New York Mets

Cavaliere and Athlean-X routines have two goals: To turn ordinary people into “functional athletes” and achieve physique progress through legitimate science (not Bro-science).

What is Athlean-X Wolverine Beastmode?

Wolverine Beastmode is among the newest batch of Athlean-X programs.

Over the next four weeks (28 days, to be exact), you’ll crush through three wolverine-themed workout phases with a focus on igniting hypertrophy like never before:

  • Animal Strength 2.0
  • Stalking 2.0
  • Ruthless Aggression 2.0

This 6-day split focuses on lesser-used techniques (like ascending ISO) to trigger as much growth as possible in the next month.

And, yes, this is an ode to X-Men.

Athlean-X Wolverine Beastmode Details & Features

Are you ready to find out what Wolverine Beastmode is all about and whether it’s worth giving a try? Well, here’s what you need to know about each phase of this mass-building routine.

The Basics

Wolverine Beastmode is a 6-day split routine that divides workouts into the following focuses:

  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Triceps

You’ll cycle through these workouts in the same order during each phase, but you’ll still take the same rest days each week.

3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off … repeat!

Phase 1: Animal Strength

“Animal Strength” focuses on something Cavaliere calls “forced clusters” — or FC25s.

This concept is simple: Do seriously heavy sets at 85-90% of your 1RM for 25 reps in total … and then follow it up with a negative-only exercise to failure.

For example, an FC25 on the lateral raise to a set of negative-only shoulder presses.

Phase 2: Stalking

“Stalking” shifts the focus toward slowing down each rep with “ascending ISO,” a rep style where you’ll hold the starting phase for one extra second each time before cranking out a rep.

At a 25-50% reduced weight, you’ll do something like:

  • One second hold
  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Two-second hold
  • Dumbbell bench press
  • And so on …

You’ll follow up each completed exercise with a condition “Burst” exercise, like a set of lopsided farmer walks to failure.

Phase 3: Ruthless Aggression

You started heavy in Animal Strength, and you slowed it down in Stalking. During “Ruthless Aggression,” you’ll fast-track each rep and hold each rep briefly at the top.

For example, you’ll do a dumbbell pullover on back day and hold it for two seconds before lowering the weight and cranking out another rep … all the way ‘til failure.

And between each batch comes “Rapid Reps.”

For these unique sets, you’ll knock out a set of rapid-fire reps on exercises like tubing jackhammers until you can’t fathom another rep.

The “X-Man” Challenge

If you haven’t caught on by now, there’s an X-Men theme going on. Though, you may not have noticed because Cavaliere hasn’t drawn much attention to the movie or characters until now.

This X-Man Challenge is your last workout in this program and includes five unique phases — each named after a different character.

Each phase is progressive, so it looks something like this:

  • 1 exercise, 40 reps
  • 2 exercises, 80 reps total
  • 3 exercises, 75 reps total
  • 4 exercises, 60 reps total
  • 8 exercises, 145 reps total

This sweat-inducing, fatigue-boosting challenge has you resting only when you desperately need a breather. And you can’t say you finished Wolverine Beastmode until stage 5 is complete.

As is standard with Athlean-X, you’ll time how long it takes you to finish.

Now, you can see how you rank amongst other Athlean-X “beasts.” But can you finish the X-Man Challenge in less than 19:14 to become the boss?

3 Undeniable Benefits of Athlean-X Wolverine Beastmode

1. Hits Each Part of a Rep

In the standard strength training workout, you’ll get little more than a rep and set goal.

For example, 3×8 on the bench press, and no further details on how many seconds to spend in each the eccentric and concentric phases.

That’s where Wolverine Beastmode shines.

With individual focuses on negatives, fast reps, and isometric holds, you can target strength and hypertrophy gains from every possible angle.

Plus, it keeps things interesting from one week to the next!

2. “Quick” Results

Now, we’re definitely not promising you’ll gain ten pounds of muscle in the next month if you do this Wolverine Beastmode program.

We wouldn’t be able to call this an “honest” Athlean-X review if we said something like that.

But there is a positive here … it’s only four weeks.

Four weeks is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of a ripped physique, and you won’t be 8-12 weeks behind like you might be with a standard routine.

See if it works for a month.

If it does, go back to the beginning and do it again. If not, at least you can say you tried!

3. Always Something to Look Forward To

Perhaps one of the best parts of this routine is that you’ll never do the same workout twice.

Each phase is different and has a unique touch (such as FC25s or ISOs). Some workouts are at near-max intensity, and others are about taking it nice and easy.

And, best of all, you’re not stuck doing standard exercises like rows and bench presses. It’s usually far more interesting exercises like 3D crossovers and creeping pull-ups.

The more you look forward to getting into the gym, the more likely you’ll see results.

3 Negatives of Athlean-X Wolverine Beastmode

1. There’s No Meal Plan

The biggest gripe with this program?

There’s no meal plan whatsoever, though there is an icon to nowhere for it on the calendar.


But we do understand why the meal plan might not be there. After all, Beastmode Wolverine is for intermediates and advanced athletes, so you likely already know how to fuel for gains.

Yet, we can’t overlook the fact that your diet is just as important as what you do in the gym … especially when you’re looking to build serious mass in 30 days or fewer.

The lack of a meal plan might be a deal-breaker.

2. Once Every Eight Days?

Volume in the gym is important, and this routine is definitely not lacking in that department.

Where this routine does fall short is how often you hit each muscle group: It’ll take another seven days between one chest workout to the next.

Now, this isn’t a problem in normal circumstances.

But considering this program promises maximum gains in fewer than 30 days, you probably won’t reach your full hypertrophy potential.

Twice a week is typically better for gains.

3. No Refund Policy

This tends to be a theme across the brand. And while there’s undoubtedly a good reason for it (it’s a digital plan that you could easily copy), it’s not good news for you.

You may buy this program only to realize it’s not for you, you don’t have the right Athlean-X equipment, or that it’s far too intense for your experience level.

You leave disappointed and down a good chunk of change.

Athlean-X Wolverine Review: Final Words

Wolverine Beastmode is a solid hypertrophy workout to catapult your gains as much as possible in the next month.

It targets strength and size from all angles and always keeps it fresh.

But this routine also lacks a much-needed meal plan (something many Athlean-X programs boast) and may leave you feeling you aren’t hitting each muscle group often enough.

If you’re on a plateau or want to test out a new routine, this might be for you. Just don’t expect 30 days to be enough time to advance your gains all that much.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

What We Recommend Instead

This is Kyle again (from the beginning).

I just wanted to remind you again that where Wolverine: Beastmode falls short, Superhero X12 by FitMole shines.

Superhero X12 gives you all the tools and resources you need to transform your body (nothing is left out) including an active support forum where the creator actually talks to his members and personally helps them out.

The program lets you put in the minimum effort needed to see real muscle-building results without making you live in the gym and hate your existence.

And SX12 has a real, “no questions asked”, money-back guarantee if you don’t find the program to be totally awesome (slim chance).

So if you want a soup-to-nuts fitness program to help you get that beastly physique you deserve, then check out Superhero X12.

Superhero x12 mobile product image

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