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P90x3 calories burned image

Originally released in 2013, the P90X3 is the third of the popular P90X series released by American fitness trainer Tony Horton.

Designed as a 90-day program, 30 minutes a day for six days a week–or an optional seven days a week if you hate rest–the P90X3 has both regular and deluxe workouts to help you get fit, burn calories, and resent ever discovering Tony Horton’s late-night infomercial.

But since we’re on the subject of calories burned by P90X3, what can you expect? Will you be clamoring for sustenance when you’re done (or just clamoring for some sweet couch time)?

Keep reading to find out!

Something to Consider First

Before I jump right into the numbers, there’s something you should keep in mind. The numbers listed below are just averages.

How many calories you burn on any one exercise depends on the height, weight, age, gender, metabolic rate, etc. For example, according to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vigorous exercise could increase your metabolic rate for up to 14 hours afterward.

That’s some pretty instance post-workout burning! But let’s keep things simple and restrict the counts to the number of calories burned during each P90X3 workout only.

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The Regular Workouts

As stated before, there are regular workouts and workouts dubbed “deluxe”. Here are the 16 regular programs including the cold start–a recommended 12-minute warm-up before individual workouts–and the calories they burn.

  • Cold Start: an optional 12-minute warm-up. It burns 64 calories.
  • Total Synergenics: a 30-minute full-body workout that burns 317 calories.
  • Agility X: a 30-minute sports conditioning workout focused on agility that burns 423 calories.
  • Dynamix: a 30-minute mobility workout that emphasizes flexibility and range of motion that burns 247 calories.
  • The Challenge: a 30-minute strength building with chin-ups/pull-ups and push up combos. It burns 323 calories.
  • X3 Yoga: a 30-minute yoga session. It burns 184 calories.
  • CVX: a 35-minute cardio and resistance training workout focused on power and endurance. It burns 481 calories.
  • Warrior: a 30-minute full body equipment-free workout. It burns 356 calories.
  • Isometrix: a 30-minute yoga challenge focusing on balance and strengthening stabilization muscles. It burns 235 calories.
  • Accelerator: a 30-minute exercise to burn body fat at two different speeds. It burns 415 calories.
  • Eccentric Upper: a 30-minute exercise working on the upper body and tension to release higher growth hormones. It burns 345 calories.
  • Triometrics: a 30-minute equipment-free workout with three levels of intensity. It burns 425 calories.
  • Eccentric Lower: a 30-minute exercise working on the lower body and tension to release higher growth hormones. It burns 346 calories.
  • Incinerator: a 30-minute workout designed for failure, mainly focusing on the upper body. It burns 337 calories.
  • MMX: a 30-minute mixed martial arts workout. It burns 441 calories.
  • Pilates X: a 30-minute workout focused on flexibility and joint health and muscle elasticity. It burns 250 calories.
  • Decelerator: a 30 minute–exercise focused on explosive movements and preventing landing injuries. It burns 359 calories.

The Deluxe Workouts

The deluxe workout is part of the Elite Workout DVD set, designed to make you train like an elite athlete. It has three bonus workouts that are a little tougher than the regular exercises so far.

  • Complex Upper: a 30-minute workout resembling the eccentric upper but more concentrated on athletic performance. It burns 415 calories.
  • Complex Lower: a 30-minute workout resembling the eccentric lower but more concentrated on athletic performance. It burns 393 calories.
  • Ab-Ripper: a 15-minute workout concentrated on your abs. It burns 119 calories.

How Many Calories Burned by P90X3?

Even though P90X3 is only 30 minutes long, it packs a punch and does a decent job of burning calories so you can drop some body fat in the process.

The number of calories you’ll burn per workout range from 200 to 450 calories depending on the intensity. Just make sure to stay hydrated and give yourself plenty of time to recover when you’re done.

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