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Marc megna amp workout review image

Ever noticed that Bodybuilders aren’t the strongest people around? Well, Marc Megna believes the idea of choosing between Aesthetics and Performance is not needed!

By incorporating specific training and diet protocols, Marc is on a warpath with his AMP Workout to help you become your best self. Does it actually work though?

About the Marc Megna

Marc Megna is a retired professional NFL Athlete that played for the New York Jets but has since moved on to coaching and helping others reach their goals.

Marc is also a renowned online author and has also published his own book coined “Principles of High Intensity of Interval Training” – which should give you an idea of his training style.

Marc has a variety of clients at the moment, ranging from professional athletes to normal people. He even trains the odd celebrity now and then to help them get ready for certain roles.

Marc has a strong focus on incorporating heavy and high-intensity training to achieve results, as he has learned in his years of being a professional athlete. This is the base for the AMP Workout.

AMP Workout Review

As mentioned before, the overarching idea of the AMP Workout is to combine different training protocols to get both shredded and strong. The idea is you can improve athletic performance like in the Combat Fit ACFT Training program while still building a more aesthetic look like in Alpha M’s Tailored routine.

Two things that are usually mutually exclusive, yet Marc has found a way to get them together at once!

  • Fitness level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 8 Week(s)
  • Workouts per week: 5-6 workouts per week
  • Average workout duration: 45 – 60 Minutes
  • Equipment needed: Full Gym
  • Goal: Performance

The workout is “old-fashioned” in the sense that it’s gonna be hard, heavy, and straight to the point. No drop sets, no supersets – you know it’s gonna be fun lifting heavy.

That being said, there is actually quite a lot of cardio in the program (different kinds even) to keep you as functional and athletic as possible.

AMP Workout Details

Now that we’ve established the idea of the plan is to lift hard and heavy, we need to read between the lines. The training is split into 4 different phases of two weeks each, and there is of course nutrition and supplement guidance:

AMP Phase 1 – Function Phase

Phase 1 or the Functional phase is the introduction phase to this style of training. Marc is adamant about introducing you slowly to the movement patterns as well as the intensity.

You’ll be doing full-body workouts as well as some cardio. This combination will not only teach you the neurological pathways of training but will also increase your cardiovascular capacity.

AMP Phase 2 – Application Phase

The functional phase was focused on getting the movement pattern and cardio ready; the application phase adds intensity!

Here you will be controlling heavier weights than before – the keyword being controlled. This is more of a strength phase compared to a power phase (The latter of which is more “explosive”).

AMP Phase 3 – Strength Phase

This is where you start letting the strength you’ve built up start to shine! You will be training to increase both performance and size, leading to great metabolic changes. Strength training will veer you more towards heavier weights, and a decrease in volume.

While your compound lifts are focussed on being hard and heavy, the accessory lifts are still focused on increasing your volume slightly. Combined with the cardio, this will allow for some aesthetic training.

AMP Phase 4 – Power Phase

Finally, all the hard work and different training come to fruition. This is really heavy, old-school lifting. Fewer sets and fewer reps to drive home strength and anabolism.

Cardio is still incorporated (as it should be) and is focused on both a higher intensity and longer duration day, respectively.

AMP Nutrition Protocol

The nutrition protocol is focused on increasing the number of meals you have per day (making them smaller) and greatly increasing protein and carb content.

This seems to be the best approach for high-intensity individuals, yet there are small adjustments to be made to your nutrition for every phase.

Marc is also quite adamant that you stick to more whole food options as they can give you better results over a long period of time. Marc also suggests the following supplements:

2 Pros of the AMP Workout

  1. Marc slowly introduces movement patterns, which can lead to a decreased risk of injury, and potentially, better gains. A mind-muscle connection is a key to both hypertrophy and strength progression
  2. Incorporates a really high carbohydrate diet, which based on the current scientific literature is best for athletes (which is what this program is making you! An athlete!)

2 Cons of the AMP Workout

  1. It is a tad short, personally, I believe strength adaptations take a bit longer than 8 weeks. Neurologically it might take months to adapt to certain movements, so if strength is more important to you, there could be better programs
  2. It can be too high volume for someone who is already quite strong. Someone who is stronger will naturally use more weight, and that could lead to systemic and CNS fatigue over time

Marc Megna’s AMP Workout – Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great plan. It’s fast, it’s effective, and it’ll get you closer to your goals no doubt. I have nothing negative to say about the plan except it’s a bit short?

I believe that if you really want to see massive strength adaptations, you might wanna run this plan back to back – maybe skipping a few weeks in the beginning as it’s basically just teaching you the ropes.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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