Exercise of the Week: 1-leg Supine Bridge with Hamstrings Catch

Workout of the 7 days: 1-leg Supine Bridge with Hamstrings Catch

Created on January 24, 2022 at 3:29 pm, by Eric Cressey

 Today’s visitor submit arrives from Cressey Athletics General performance – Massachusetts coach, Josh Zall.

The 1-Leg Supine Bridge with Hamstrings Catch is an physical exercise we have been prescribing additional often of late with a large amount of our extra innovative athletes at Cressey Sporting activities General performance. A dynamic “drop-catch” presents an array of gains for all athletes irrespective of their selected athletic endeavor.


Vital Considerations:

When an athlete who is younger, untrained, or frequently hypermobile dives into this movement devoid of the capability to adequately decelerate, it can be too hard to push a worthwhile adaptation. For an training that begins in a static posture and quickly transitions into a dynamic movement that necessitates coordination, producing absolutely sure the athlete is proficient in normal hamstring toughness and motor command is important.

The potential to get into and keep a solitary-leg bridge is the only accurate prerequisite for prescribing this movement in a program.

Added benefits:

The exposure to a co-contraction is 1 of the most significant prizes of this motion. A co-contraction is a simultaneous contraction of the agonist and antagonist muscles to stabilize a joint towards opposing forces, and the capability to develop a co-contraction is a vital for joint and connective tissue well being for athletes. With hamstring strains plaguing athletes of all sports, obtaining the means to develop a unilateral co-contraction and generate concentric activity with the hamstring in a lengthened posture is very important for lower limb wellbeing (assume initial make contact with and choose-off period of a sprint entrance foot strike in a pitcher’s shipping and delivery or any side shuffles).

A little something crucial to retain in head is that co-contractions are not a central anxious program phenomenon, so exposing your entire body to conditions where you have to have to co-deal when fatigued is crucial for connective tissue well being. With that becoming said, this is an exercising that I ordinarily plan for an athlete as accessory do the job or in a movement (sprint/agility) day in their software – ordinarily for 4-8 reps for each established.

A very simple way to regress to this motion would be to not allow for abnormal knee extension on the catch. The reverse would be genuine when progressing this movement — “catching” at stop-vary or near to finish-assortment knee extension would maximize the issues.

Delight in!

About the Writer

Josh Zall serves as a Toughness and Conditioning mentor at Cressey Sports activities Overall performance. He acquired a Bachelor’s Diploma in Sport and Movement Science at Salem Point out University, and has internship coaching working experience from both equally CSP-MA and Saint John’s Preparatory Academy in Danvers, MA. 

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