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Rsp chiseled review image

It’s the goal of pretty much every single guy to be described as a slab of chiseled meat. (Thanks Instagram … my body dysmorphia loves that.)

Getting to be shredded for the majority of the year is way harder than you might think, but Kizzito Ejam has a method to get you shredded in only 8 weeks… Mmm, sounds intriguing.

RSP Chiseled Overview

Building a great physique is one of the few things that will demand respect no matter where you are. See, it takes a great amount of time, dedication, and a whole lot of chicken breasts.

It is also important that you have a plan that you can follow since consistency will always trump perfection. The RSP Chiseled claims to be exactly that:

  • Fitness level: Advanced
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Workouts per week: 5 -7 workouts per week
  • Average workout duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Equipment needed: Full gym
  • Goal: Lose weight

As you might expect, this plan is about losing a decent amount of fat and getting shredded rather quickly. Even when you max out fat loss at 1% of body weight per week, you would only lose 8% of total body weight in 8 weeks.

So, if you’re walking around 60 pounds heavier than your goal weight, you might need to repeat this plan once or twice.

Another (shocking) part of this plan is the fact that there are zero rest days. This is a staggering request from the trainee, and I don’t think that’s a good decision at all. But, these are professional coaches, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and keep reading.

RSP Details

With zero rest days (ever), you would probably expect the lifting sessions to be subpar and not challenging at all. Let’s see if that idea is correct…

Absolutely Ridiculous Training Protocol

Normal people will train once per day. Bodybuilders and other athletes might train more than once – one being cardio (which seems to be a Kris Gethin fave). In this plan, you better buckle up and get ready for two weight training sessions per day.

Sure, the second is predominantly cardio-focused, but you’re still doing some resistance training during each. The weekly training plan would look like this:

  • Monday: Back, Cardio, Abs
  • Tuesday: Cardio, Abs, Shoulders
  • Wednesday: Legs, Cardio, Abs
  • Thursday: Chest
  • Friday: Arms, Cardio, Abs
  • Saturday: Back
  • Sunday: Shoulders

This is way overdoing the training plan. You simply do not need that much volume or frequency, and the whole “no rest days” thing is a recipe for disaster. That’s because, when you’re in a calorie deficit, you should be spending time resting – and a good amount, at that.

When you fail to rest, your body will naturally increase the secretion of a hormone called cortisol – the stress hormone. Studies have also found that with too much cortisol in your body, you will essentially stop losing fat.

So, this idea that you can train so much that you’ll end up losing fat is completely stupid. No matter how much time you spend in the gym, if you do not give yourself time to rest and recover, it’ll all be worthless.

Worse even, you will likely end up getting injured.

Tell Me the Diet Is Better, Please…

I am pleased to report that the diet is a whole lot better than the training plan in RSP Chiseled. The diet falls right into place as a fat loss diet and follows these three simple steps:

  1. Calculate your calories.
  2. Calculate your macro split.
  3. Reduce your calories as time progresses.

The one problem with this is that calories drop regardless of your journey. In normal circumstances, you’re only supposed to drop calories when you stop losing weight. If you do it earlier, you could be missing out on weeks of fat loss just because… reasons?

Not a smart approach if you ask me.

Overall, though, the nutrition plan is actually really good. You get all the information you need with foods you can try to construct a diet from. They’re giving you all the information you need on a silver platter.

2 Chiseled Pros

  1. You’re definitely going to burn calories: Sometimes, fat loss plans can be a little light and not really push you to the gym. You will definitely burn a few hundred calories in the gym with this program, which – over the course of a week – does add up.
  2. The diet plan is solid: Often, the diet plans attached to workout plans like these are quite lackluster. But this one is damn near perfect, as it gives you both calories and macros to follow during the program.

The REAL RSP Chiseled Con

No human can do this.

Volume. Sure, great. So much volume you will never ever recover? Get lost. A plan with no rest days is trash every day of the week. You simply cannot expect a non-athlete to be able to recover from this kind of weight and cardio training volume.

If you are a newbie or even someone who is remotely serious about training, please, do not follow this plan.

RSP Chiseled – Final Thoughts

I am thoroughly disappointed in this program, to be completely honest.

Firstly, the title card makes you believe it’s possible for anyone to get shredded in 8 weeks. It’s not. Then, they make you do just a disgusting amount of volume to … demoralize you?

This is really primitive fitness thinking. Not only will most people not be able to hack this, but most people simply do not have the time to train 3 – 4 hours every single day, 7 days per week – as required by RSP Chiseled.

OK, but it gets 1 point because the nutrition part is on point.

Rating: 1.0 out of 5

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