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Sculpt nation burn pm review image

Fifty percent of us want to slim down. Eighty percent of people crave better sleep.

Sculpt Nation Burn PM supposedly boosts your internal temperature, revs your body’s calorie-shredding engine, “zaps the fat once it enters your bloodstream,” and improves your sleep quality … (*Spongebob voice*) at night.

Problems solved (maybe). Read on to learn more about the mildly controversial Burn PM.

About the Brand – Sculpt Nation

Vince Sant — co-founder of V Shred — is also the brains behind the “cutting edge worldwide sports nutrition brand” better known as Sculpt Nation.

Driven by the frustration of V Shred users disappointed by the supplement market (*gestures vaguely*), Sculpt Nation evolved into a collection of supplements that are:

  • Third-party tested
  • Loaded with the “best ingredients on earth”
  • Safe & effective
  • Based on in-depth scientific research
  • Designed to build muscle, shed fat, look more aesthetic, etc.

Sculpt Nation now has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers (as of summer 2022) and over a dozen products, such as enzymes, greens, Test Boost Max, and Turmeric Black.

What is Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM Fat Burner?

To be completely clear: Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM isn’t just a fat-burner. On top of “destroy[ing] your body’s fat reserves,” Burn PM also wages war on the stress hormone (cortisol) and enhances your sleep quality, which forces leptin levels to rise.

With a revved-up metabolism torching extra calories and overall better-quality sleep, Burn PM’s list of benefits includes:

  • Curbed cortisol levels (which, in turn, burns extra fat)
  • Avoided fat-burner jitters
  • Burning fat 24 hours a day — including as you sleep
  • Better sleep (deeper and longer)
  • Boosted leptin levels to burn fatter and slash appetite
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mood

Assuming that’s all 100% true (which we hesitate to do), Burn PM could literally change your entire life for the better. (Any Millennial not complaining about feeling fatigued, tired, overweight, depressed, anxious, or low energy is either made of steel or lying.)

Oh, yeah, Kyle also took Burn PM for 30 days, so we’ll be tackling the rest of this review from two angles — digging through the research and learning from Kyle’s first-hand experience.

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How Does it Work?

Sculpt Nation chose the marketing-heavy, round-about way to describe how Burn PM actually works inside your body. But we’ll break this bad-boy down into two pieces.

First — is the “PM” in Burn PM.

Three Burn PM ingredients — lemon balm leaf, L-tryptophan, and melatonin — are well-known sleep aids. (We’ll talk more about the science behind each in the next section.) Research also supports a strong link between sleep quality & length and overall health.

For example, one sleep deprivation (7 vs. 3.5 hours) study of nine men concluded that long-term sleep restriction could lower core body temperature and increase appetite. More research from 2020 shows a direct link between high cortisol levels and poor sleep.

Lower cortisol levels (and better sleep) translate to healthier blood pressure, more energy, less stress, weight loss, and longer lifespans. Combined with the fat-burning power of Burn PM, this supplement should theoretically cut your caloric intake while cranking up your metabolism.

Next — is the “Burn” in Burn PM.

The remaining six ingredients of Burn PM are laser-focused on incinerating fat like a furnace (though it’s somewhat questionable). Basically, by preventing your body from storing fat and increasing your thermogenic baseline, Burn PM is an ally for weight loss and getting ripped.

But without completely spoiling the next section, a few of Burn PM’s ingredients are also fad ingredients that fail to deliver.

Burn PM Ingredients

Burn pm ingredients image

Burn PM is loaded with a lot of main ingredients, nine specifically. To really understand whether this nighttime thermogenic works, we’ll need to learn more about every ingredient on the label.

Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) (60mcg)

Smack-dab at the top of the Burn PM ingredient label is vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol. This supplement’s “mega-dose” of D3 supposedly skyrockets leptin levels, curbs appetite, and lowers the risk of obesity by turning your body into a fat-burning monster.

Raspberry Ketones (300mg)

Dr. Oz (*eye roll*) pushed the newly emerging raspberry ketones on his daytime TV show back in 2012, much to the disdain of the wider health community. Raspberry ketones’ popularity surged, with many mistaking the supplement as a potential key to weight loss.

Sculpt Nation is correct in that raspberry ketones can “pulverize” fat … in mice. Studies from 2005 and 2010 (among others) prove that this phenolic compound can trigger lipolysis (fat breakdown) and increase the metabolism-regulating hormone called adiponectin.

Unfortunately, as of 2022, there still aren’t any legitimate studies backing raspberry ketones as a method for weight loss or fat-burning in humans.

White Kidney Bean Extract (300mg)

White kidney bean extract rose to popularity as the arch-nemesis to virtually everyone’s mortal enemy — carbs. Sometimes dubbed a “starch-blocker” or a “carb-blocker,” white kidney beans are hailed heroes for blocking these carbs before the body stores them as fat.

WKBE is rich in a compound called alpha-amylase inhibitors. When you eat complex carbs, these inhibitors will force the carbs through the GI tract without proper absorption.

At least one study from 2020 justifies WKBE’s spot on Burn PM’s ingredients list.

Over 35 days, obese participants supplementing with WKBE averaged 0.98 pounds of weight loss per week, compared to just 0.13 pounds shed in the placebo group. Body fat percentage and subcutaneous fat thickness were also dipped.

The raspberry ketones were a dud, but adding white kidney bean extract to the ingredient line-up somewhat redeemed Burn PM’s reputation.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (260mg)

Green coffee bean extract is yet another mainstream fat-destroyer with a relatively surprising amount of scientific backing. According to 2009 research, it’s also true that roasting coffee reduces the chlorogenic acids — chock full o’ nuts antioxidant properties — to trace levels.

But is GCBE really the fat-busting fix Sculpt Nation claims it to be? Honestly, it’s hard to tell since very few studies test the results of plain GCBE on body fat or focus on mice.

One meta-analysis from 2011 calculated a 5.45-pound difference between the placebo and GCBE groups across studies. (Although, the studies analyzed admittedly weren’t the greatest.)

Dandelion Root Powder (200mg)

Dandelion root powder puts a somewhat unexpected spin on Burn PM, diverting the focus to proper digestion and bloating.

Whether or not you’ll “wake up feeling more ripped every single day” is still an unanswered question. But the fiber-rich dandelion root — the actual root of the dandelion plant — can improve your gut health, relieve an upset stomach, and double as a laxative.

Of course, clearing out your system is a surefire way to shed a few pounds, too.

L-Tryptophan (80mg)

L-tryptophan is an amino acid that the body converts to serotonin, a mood-stabilizing chemical that also regulates sleep.

Scientists now link high doses of L-tryptophan (typically 1g or above) to less time to fall asleep and overall increased sleepiness, especially in insomniacs (source). Honestly, L-tryptophan is a huge win for the “PM” bit of Burn PM.

Saffron Bulb Extract (10mg)

We’d love to tell you all about saffron bulb extract, but we’re not entirely sure what it is. But we do know that the world’s most expensive spice contains two pigments called crocin and crocetin that may have a hand in weight loss.

One eight-week study of middle-aged adults with coronary artery disease proves the plant can reduce waist circumference and total fat mass while curbing appetite. Yet, it’s still unclear how exactly saffron lends to weight loss.

Melatonin (5.4mg)

If there’s any ingredient in Burn PM that doesn’t require an introduction, it’s melatonin. This hormone controls the body’s circadian rhythm (or internal clock), which spirals into additional sleep benefits like reduced time to fall asleep, better sleep quality, and more sleep.

As absurd as it sounds, Sant is also correct when he connects melatonin and types of fat. Based on research from 2013, taking melatonin increases the amount of “beige fat” in your body, preventing fat storage and burning more calories.

The more fat your body burns naturally, the less time it takes to get ripped.

Lemon Bulb Aerial Parts Extract (4mg)

Lemon Balm Leaf is the third and final sleep aid in Burn PM, and — surprise, surprise — it’s another success. Although there’s little research on the solo benefits of lemon balm leaf, plenty of studies link lemon balm leaf (mixed with other sleep aids) with better sleep quality.

Other Ingredients

  • Gelatin
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose

How to Use Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM

How to use sculpt nation’s burn pm image

Burn PM comes with a 30-day supply — two capsules per day. The Sculpt Nation store conveniently forgets directions on how to use it, but with 5.4mg of melatonin in each serving and “PM” in the product name, we’d suggest it shortly before bedtime.

Sculpt Nation Fat Burner Side Effects

The possible side effects of Burn PM are relatively mild but could include digestive issues, increased urination, nausea, extreme tiredness, and dizziness.

Where Can You Buy Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM?

Burn PM is only available through the official Sculpt Nation online store. Yet, nighttime thermogenic is extremely far from a new concept (though Vince Sant would likely try to convince you otherwise).

Fat burners with an appetite-suppressing, sleep-improving twist are practically flooding the market — without Sculpt Nation’s semi-outrageous price tag.

Want to try Burn PM at the sale price? Click here and use discount code kyleh25 to get 25% off.

5 Burn PM Pros

  1. Every bottle of Burn PM comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your results.
  2. The “Burn” ingredients are a bit hazy, but the three “PM” ingredients do work. Unless you load up on caffeine during the day, Burn PM should rock your a** to sleep.
  3. Burn PM made it more difficult for Kyle to drag himself out of bed in the middle of the night, a clear-cut sign the sleep aid properties work to some degree.
  4. There’s no caffeine, making it jitter-free. (Though, if it did have caffeine, it’d have no business calling itself a nighttime fat-burner.)
  5. Based on ingredients alone, it can likely burn some fat, reduce appetite, and improve sleep quality to some degree.

4 Burn PM Cons

  1. The crossed-out price tag and “SALE!” are enticing. But we’re starting to doubt whether it was ever really 31% pricier or if it’s just a sales tactic to convince you to buy now.
  2. Not including a list of references to the 20 studies vaguely discussed on the Burn PM sales page is strange for a brand that swears by research.
  3. Based on his experience, Kyle’s still unsure whether Burn PM shredded any extra fat. (Unlike Burn Evolved, he didn’t feel the same “hot” feeling.)
  4. A few of the ingredients chosen either don’t work, only appear to work when combined with other substances, work in some studies and trials and not others, or work in very specific sub-groups of people.

What Other Reviews are Saying

Honestly, not much, which is a tad unusual given Sculpt Nation’s massive online following — to the tune of several million between platforms. But, admittedly, it doesn’t help that the only retailer selling Burn PM is Sculpt Nation, which seemingly doesn’t allow user reviews.

So we combed through three other Burn PM reviews to get their thoughts:

“This supplement has nailed the “PM” part, but not the “Burn” part. Sculpt Nation Burn PM has effective sleep aids that will sedate you and reduce stress hormones … In terms of actual weight loss, Sculpt Nation Burn PM is unlikely to burn any calories while you sleep.” – Ookles

“Whilst it’s a nice idea – going to sleep and waking up slimmer – the inner workings of this fat burner don’t necessarily suggest that will happen … [Sculpt Nation] used many ingredients which have little or no evidence to suggest they can contribute to weight loss at all which is disappointing and could lead to no results.” – Spot Me Girl

“After trying Sculpt Nation Burn PM for a total of two weeks. We stopped taking it as we found that it just simply isn’t worth the money … Plus, the product had disappointing effects on us … The problem with Sculpt Nation Burn PM is its use of unproven ingredients. – Supplement Devil

Not to toot our own horn, but it seems that just about everyone who reviewed Burn PM shares the same opinions. So the sleep benefits are certainly there, but the possibility of substantial fat loss is so low that you’re better off taking a generic nightly sleep aid like melatonin.

Is Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM Worth it?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. If you’re chasing a nighttime fat-burner that improves your sleep quality, then Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM is a huge swing and a miss.

Burn PM is — without a doubt — a rock-solid sleep aid for those with wonky sleep schedules or trouble sleeping. But from the fat-burning perspective, Burn PM is hardly effective, and the ridiculously high price tag doesn’t sweeten the deal either.

Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Want to try Burn PM at the sale price? Click here and use discount code kyleh25 to get 25% off.

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