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V shred toned in 90 days review image

You can do a lot in 90 days — break a nasty habit, plant a TikTok-worthy vegetable garden, save $1,000 to your emergency fund, or bring your totally hot European fiance (who’s definitely not a catfish, by the way) over to the States on a marriage visa.

Or, you can completely revolutionize your body with V Shred’s Toned in 90 Days (maybe).

This three-month ladies-only diet and training plan is another pet project from V Shred founder Vince Sant. This time around, he swears you’ll lose 17+ pounds and add more definition to your entire body — without quitting carbs, starving yourself, or running on the treadmill for hours.

Oh, wait, you’ve heard all that before? Same here.

Read on to hear our thoughts on the V Shred Toned in 90 Days program.

About the Creator – Vince Sant

Vince Sant quite literally puts the “Vin” in Vinsanity Shred — or V Shred.

Sant and a team of three others pooled together $1,000 in 2015 to launch the fitness training platform. V Shred eventually exploded into a multi-million-dollar company ($110 million, to be exact) with over two million customers by 2019.

These days, the fitness model and trainer is an internet sensation, despite the wrath, he endures from fitness marvels like Scott Herman and — OK — what seems like 90% of “everyone else.”

In their defense, it’s usually not a good sign when people describe your programs as a “scam” or a “rip-off” or suggest you should be the next casualty of #cancelculture (so edgy).

V Shred’s combined YouTube, Facebook, and the Instagram following is now in the eight digits.

What Is V Shred Toned in 90 Days?

(Vince Sant is a man of few words. Sike, who are we kidding? The sales page alone is over 5,000 words of empty promises and brutally shaming other programs — for pretty much the same things he lumps into his programs, no less.)

V Shred’s Toned in 90 Days is a whopper of a program.

You see, Vince Sant (our White Knight of the day) knows all about women’s weight loss … because he has sisters and a mom. He knows that women want to get rid of their “saggy butts” and cellulite, but 99% of us feel insecure and don’t know what to do in the gym.

We get trapped in the web of restrictive diets, high-cardio routines, and long-ass gym workouts that we either give up or slow our metabolisms down so much that progress inevitably stops.

That’s where Toned in 90 Days is supposed to save the day. This “anti-cardio,” fat-busting, the muscle-toning routine will apparently:

  • Drop 17+ pounds and several inches over 90 days
  • Allow you to eat carbs and your all-time favorite foods with its fully customizable diet
  • Burn body fat (to keep off forever) while reshaping your muscles
  • Torch calories “around the clock,” even as you sleep
  • Require just 30-minute gym sessions
  • Pack thousands of dollars of advice into a single $57 program
  • Be customizable to “your body type” (whatever that means …)

Now, we circle back to the “legitimate” question. Can a 90-day program really do all of that for a one-time payment of $57?

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Toned in 90 Days Details & Features

OK, the previous section doesn’t exactly scream, “spend your hard-earned money on this one!” But as we do with every routine we review, we’re gonna give Toned in 90 Days a fair shake.

Here’s our sneak peek of V Shred’s Toned in 90 Days:

Step #1: Private Facebook Group

While the rest of us are getting the hell outta Boss-Babe-Land for good, Vince Sant is handing you an open invitation to the official (private) V Shred for Women page.

The concept alone is borderline genius — a page for women just like you spreading positivity, tuning into the daily weekday Q&A sessions, and sharing V Shred success stories. But with over 600,000 members and 200+ posts per day, the notifications could be a real b… bad thing.

(We’d say join before you start, get a feel for the community, and decide after a week whether to turn off alerts or leave the group altogether.)

Step #2: 90 Day Diet Plan

Vince Sant agrees that diet determines 80% of your progress. In this section, you’ll find two more buttons:

Create Your 90 Day Diet Plan

We’ll start off with a semi-controversial statement: the “Create Your 90 Day Diet Plan” is somewhat decent. (But if you’ve ever followed another V Shred program before, you’ll soon realize it’s almost exactly the same as the one from every other program.)

The guide has five steps:

  1. 4-step calorie calculator. Before you do anything else, you’ll need to calculate your daily calorie goals. Here, you’ll assign yourself a point value for your height, weight, and age to land yourself in one of four calorie ranges: 1,400–1,599, 1,600–1,799, 1,800–1,999, and 2,000–2,200.
  2. Create your weekly menu. Next, you’ll create your weekly menu. Sant provides 10+ “clean” meal options each for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two-daily snacks. But he also includes a sample menu to take the guesswork out of week one. All you have to do is click each recipe to see its ingredients, instructions, and nutrients. Examples of meals include healthy eggs benedict, acai bowl, and southwestern chili.
  3. Create grocery list. Once you’ve decided on a week’s worth of meals that line up with your calorie range, you’ll create your grocery list. Sant also provides a list of ingredient substitutions for vegetables, fruits, proteins, plant-based proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.
  4. Let’s meal prep! If you ever wondered how to prepare a full week’s worth of meals on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll learn the basics in “Let’s meal prep!” (We also recommend microwaveable and freezer-and-refrigerator-safe food containers, a food scale, and measuring cups for this step.)
  5. Supplements. Yes, Vince Sant takes yet another opportunity to try to sell you on Sculpt Nation fitness supplements — this time, it’s “Burn” for fat loss and “HGH” for recovery.

The guide ends with a brief FAQ session that reveals some V Shred pointers, like eating every three hours to “yes” to a daily breakfast to allowing you to drink coffee.

But there is absolutely no mention of carb cycling, meal timing, macronutrients, or how to fit your favorite foods into the plan. The Toned in 90 Days meal plan more resembles a clean eating diet plan to create a caloric deficit and lose weight; it’s nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

Get Your Supplements

Well, well, well, if it’s not Vince Sant resorting to yet another sales guide hyping up his own darn supplement line — Sculpt Nation. But, hey, at least this time, he calls it the “Supplement Guide for Women” (how’s that for some inclusion?).

After laying down a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee on all Sculpt Nation supplements, Vince Sant recommends 12+ different supplements, including:

  • Burn Evolved
  • Burn PM
  • HGH Boost
  • Turmeric Black
  • Greens
  • Pre-Workout
  • Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Neuroctane
  • Fat Loss Stack
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics

In a totally-out-of-character move, Vince Sant doesn’t expect you to buy all dozen-plus of ‘em. But with the videos, dosages, and explanations he provides, he does expect you to decide for yourself which supplements you need to meet your goals.

Although, it’s more outlandish sales talk than anything else. Burn PM apparently “puts you to sleep immediately,” while HGH boost supposedly says goodbye to anxiety and baldness.

Step #3: Choose Workout

In a somewhat unexpected twist, Vince Sant includes two different calendars in Toned in 90 Days: one for follow-along at-home workouts and another for gym workouts.

Here’s what you need to know about each:

Follow Along Workouts

Sant calls ‘em the “follow-along” workouts, but they’re really the Toned in 90 Days home workouts. Similar to V Shred’s Move program, the follow-along sessions — for the most part — are bodyweight circuits: 3 circuits, 3–4 exercises per circuit, 30 seconds per exercise, and 60 seconds of rest in between rounds.

Here’s a look at what’s inside a sample week of Toned in 90 Days:

V shred toned in 90 days sample workout table

Gym Workout

The Gym Workouts are an entirely different breed. Instead of the occasional cardio session and an option for twice-a-week HIIT, you’ll be hitting the resistance equipment hard with:

V shred toned in 90 days sample workout 2 table

If you’re not sure how to do an exercise, just click on the exercise within the module. It’ll open a video demonstration and a written walkthrough explaining how to perform the full exercise.

(Note: There are some supersets and circuits mixed into the 12–15-rep scheme, but there’s no clear indicator for when you’d squeeze HIIT workouts into your schedule.)

Supplemental Workouts

By “Supplemental Workouts,” Sant is really referring to his HIIT — or high-intensity interval training — guide (which seems to only apply to the follow-along workout calendar).

Anyway, in this brief module, Sant includes about 36-or-so HIIT-style workouts, ranging from lateral jumps and Stairmaster HIIT to rainbow ball-slams and treadmill sprints.

The exact intervals vary by exercise, but you should expect about 7–20 seconds “on” and 20–40 seconds “off” for about 15 total minutes.

Also, don’t expect more details by clicking on the type of HIIT. All it really does is open up an enlarged photo of the equipment or exercise with the same (or weirdly similar) details.

After 90 Days

We’ll never “snub” bonus materials because we love nothing more than free stuff. When you purchase Toned in 90 Days, you’ll also gain access to these two guides:

Advanced Dieting: Carb Cycling

The first is called “Advanced Dieting: Carb Cycling,” which will probably give you that lightbulb moment — so that’s what Sant was talking about in the unnecessarily wordy sales page! Weirdly enough, he saves most of the hype for after you complete the program (huh …).

The basics of carb cycling are this: you’ll alternate between low-carb (or zero-carb), medium-carb, and high-carb days throughout the week to “stimulate metabolism-regulating hormones” that burn more fat.

For the next 12 weeks, your daily carb intake might look like this:

  • 0 grams
  • 125 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 0 grams
  • 0 grams
  • 125 grams
  • 250 grams

The guide itself is definitely a little light on the scientific side of things. But it does explain how to calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) while revealing the best sources of “clean” carbs — beans, oats, baked potatoes, and more.

Advanced Dieting: Flex Dieting

After 12 weeks of carb cycling, you’ll switch over to the program’s “Advanced Dieting: Flex Dieting” guide, which Sant says will help you shed a pound a week for another 12 weeks.

By “flex dieting,” Sant really means “IIFYM” or “if it fits your macros.”

The premise is simple. As long as you stay within a 40/30/30 macro split and 20% below your TDEE, you can eat whatever the hell you want because — after all — “a calorie is a calorie.”

He also explains what each of the macronutrients does for the body, how many meals you should eat per day (about 5–6), and the healthiest sources of each macro.

Sample Meal Plans

Once you complete the original 90-day plan, Sant includes six sample meal plans:

  • Carb Cycle 1
  • Carb Cycle 2
  • Flexible Dieting 1
  • Flexible Dieting 2
  • Vegetarian 1
  • Vegetarian 2

Now, normally, we’d dissect each sample plan to rate the meal choices. But we’ve seen enough of these V Shred programs to know they’re all far too similar and repetitive.

Sorry, not sorry. Toned in 90 Days is no different from the other V Shred programs. This time, each meal plan has just 1,200–1,600 calories per day and repeats the same few days of meals throughout the seven days.

But if you don’t care about any of that, you’ll find the meal timings, calories, ingredients, macronutrients, and portion guide to be extremely helpful.

Before and After Testimonials

Alright, the big question is: where are all the Toned in 90 Days testimonials? Strangely enough, it appears that the only “real” testimonials are on the sales page or in the Facebook group.

It also doesn’t help that V Shred can claim ownership of anything you post in the Facebook group, which might explain why what seems like every testimonial has V Shred branding on it.

So if you’re thinking about posting your before & after pics in the so-called “private” group under the impression it’ll stay, y’know, “private,” you may want to reconsider!

But based on the before & after snaps we’ve seen, it’s clear that quite a few ladies shed a decent amount of weight and tone their physiques. We’re talking about shrunken love handles, more muscular biceps and triceps, thinner thighs, and the beginnings stages of a six-pack.

V Shred’s Toned in 90 Days Pros

  1. If the 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee is legit, there’s no reason not to try Toned in 90 Days. Although, if you’ve tried any of the other V Shred programs, you’re better off skipping this one.
  2. When you buy Toned in 90 days, you also gain access to Six-Pack Shred, Booty Builder, the V Shred Recipe Guide, and the Supplement Guide. (We already had access to all of these, so we can’t confirm or deny whether you actually get unlimited access!)
  3. We’re not sure if this was intentional or not, but the follow-along and gym workouts are so different from one another that it’s like getting two programs for the price of one. The gym workouts focus on muscle-building, while the at-home workouts are cardio-oriented circuit workouts that’ll shred calories.
  4. Even if you don’t wind up trying the “free” V Shred Recipe Guide, the Toned in 90 Days program comes with 50-something recipes divided between your five daily meals — breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner.
  5. While the nutritional point system is as bizarre as ever, it most likely will create a caloric deficit of some sort, at least on the nutritional end. If we consider Toned in 90 Days “moderate exercise” by TDEE standards, you’ll create a caloric deficit of somewhere around 300–400 calories per day. By the end of the week, that’s a deficit of 2,100–2,800 calories per week — amounting to 0.6–0.8 pounds of fat loss per week.
  6. The bodyweight circuit will burn calories, as will the HIIT and cardio sessions. On the other hand, the resistance training gym workouts at 12–15 reps per set will build muscle. The results may not be as extreme as Sant wants you to believe, but you should see some results before the 90 days end.

Toned in 90 Days Cons

  1. If we’re being 100% honest, most of the promises in the Toned in 90 Days sales page go unfulfilled. Sure, the program might talk about the “#1 mistake women make in the gym” and the six “little-known weight-training advantages” in one of the workout videos, but we can’t find any of that in written form.
  2. On that same wavelength, where are the “training your mind” intro and the so-called “10 commandments of fitness” within the Toned in 90 Days program?
  3. The follow-along and gym workouts seem like two entirely different programs. You’ll likely build strength and muscle while burning fat if you follow the home workouts. But the gym workouts seemingly forget the cardio and HIIT sessions, making it more of a muscle-building workout than anything else.
  4. Vince Sant really knows how to take an idea and run with it. No, HIIT does not burn calories around the clock or for 24–48 hours, like Sant suggests. It’s more like 14 hours of extra calorie burn that levels out by the 24-hour mark, according to one 2021 study of aerobically fit women.
  5. Most of what Vince Sant promises you on the sales page, at least nutrition-wise, comes after the 90 days end. The real Toned in 90 Days diet guide doesn’t mention macronutrient counts or carb cycling.
  6. There’s still not much evidence to support carb cycling as a more effective method for weight loss. Studies — like this one from 2009 — show that a caloric deficit is more likely to spur weight loss than any particular macronutrient breakdown.
  7. The supplement guide is the opposite of helpful. It’s basically an ultra-long guide to convince you to buy Sculpt Nation products.

Wrapping Up This V Shred Toned in 90 Days Review

Ahhh, this one’s a toughie.

Sure, the workouts are decent, and the diet plan will almost certainly create a caloric deficit of some sort (hello, weight loss!). But aside from the 50+ recipes, two available workout plans, and unlimited access to multiple programs, there’s a lot to be desired.

Most of the Toned in 90 Days promises don’t come until after you complete the 90-day program, it’s just as shady as the other stereotypical programs on the market, and there’s far too much advertising to make this program stand out (in a good way).

Would we recommend you spend your money on this program? No, probably not.

But if you want to get as much bang for your buck and secure this program plus the Recipe Guide, Six Pack Shred, and Booty Builder, look no further.

Rating: 6.0/10

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