Spring is oh-so-close, and we’ve got warmer weather and longer days on the brain. How are we staying optimistic in the waning days of winter? With TRX Training Club sessions, of course! And there are some real zingers on the horizon in March.



If you need confirmation that Beyoncé is correct about girls running the world, join us for two very special LIVE International Women’s Day workouts on Tuesday, March 8. We’ll be celebrating the achievements of women around the world with Stephanie and Georgia in the studio.

Sunday, March 20 is the first day of Spring, so be sure to check the LIVE schedule for a themed workout where we can collectively appreciate sunshine, butterflies, and rainbows. Pastels and flower crowns welcome, but certainly not required.

By the way, have your eagle-eyes spotted the new message icon on the TRX LIVE screen? That’s the new system that allows our awesome instructors to leave you little notes and tips for your session or upcoming classes. 



We’ve all had days that start with plans to work out, and devolve into hours staring at a computer screen. We get it. Deadlines pop up, and sometimes you can’t log on for a longer TRX Training Club session. That’s why you’ll want to save the entire ON DEMAND Work Breaks & Refresh collection. A nine-class collection of 10-15 minute workouts, these are perfect classes for a quick reset during the day. 

And about that whole “save the entire collection” comment… Did you know you can now save your favorite ON DEMAND and REPLAY workouts, and even create your own workout lists? Just click into any ON DEMAND or REPLAY workout, tap the “Save” icon, and choose either  “Create a new list” or “Add to an existing list.” Once you’ve saved a list, you can access your saved workouts through your profile icon.

Themed workouts, saved workouts, short workouts? We need a RECOVERY class just thinking about it. Fortunately, TRX Training Club has loads of those, too. 

Which sessions are you most excited about in March? Let us know in the TRX Training Club Facebook group

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